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Retail Recruiters - Dedication To Deliver

Retail Recruiters  | Julie Stern's Retail Roster - NYC, NY

We specialize in filling corporate executive positions within the retail sector. Many customers don’t really stop to think about just how many people it takes to keep their favorite stores open, but because of the many years of experience we have working mid to executive levels of retail, Julie Stern’s Retail Roster understands that it can be tough to keep all of those positions filled.

Sorting through stack after stack of applications can be tough enough, but as anyone in the industry knows, you’ll be doing several interviews to fill each position, and that’s if you’re lucky. Nothing is worse than interviewing five or six people for a position only to realize none of them are going to work out. As retail recruiters, we can save you all of that time and all of those headaches by taking care of everything for you. We pride ourselves on getting the right employees to you and doing it fast.

Making the right match for our customers in NYC, NY, and other areas in the United States, as retail recruiters is what it’s all about. Waiting for the perfect candidate, for our customers, as retail recruiters to send their resume could mean you will be waiting for a while. So stop worrying about that stack of applications and let us do the heavy lifting for you!