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Retail Executive Recruiting - Our Expertise

Retail Executive Recruiting  | Julie Stern's Retail Roster - NYC, NY

Retail can seem like a world unto itself, but those of us who have worked in it know that it is really a whole universe. While the requirements to be a great executive in retail are definitely different from those elsewhere in the business world, the fact is that there are many different types of retail as well. At Julie Stern’s Retail Roster, we specialize in retail executive recruiting in order to help you find more than just a great professional. We want to help you find the perfect person for every position.

Because our staff has so many years of experience working throughout the retail industry, as well as doing retail executive recruiting, we understand that different businesses have different requirements. The needs of an executive position in luxury retail are very different from those for wholesale, and the vertical industry is even more different. We understand this, so each candidate we suggest for a position has always been carefully considered from their work history right down to their personality.

Businesses from NYC, NY, all the way to Los Angeles, CA, have trusted us for many years to help them fill even the most difficult executive positions, because they know that our retail executive recruiting experience is so vast. The wide range of industry experts we have available to us will definitely meet your needs, and we are always happy to help you work through exactly what those are. Even if you’re hiring for a brand new position, we can make suggestions based on past successes so you’ll know you’re getting someone knowledgeable.

There simply isn’t another company better suited to help you with your retail executive recruiting. We have the experience, knowledge, and the roster to get you the right person every time. Call us today and let’s get started together!