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About Us | Julie Stern's Retail Roster - NYC, NY

Julie Stern’s Retail Roster is a boutique search firm specializing in the retail sector. Our clients are among the leading retailers in the industry. Our goal is to provide a channel that supports their corporate vision. We do this by thoroughly screening our applicants and getting to know the corporate culture of the clients so we can find the best match for both parties both from a hard skill set as well as soft skillset. The searches range from mid-level -to-C level in retail planning and allocation, merchandising and buying, design and production, E -Commerce and many other corporate areas . We develop strong unique relationships with limited clients in order to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and quick responsiveness to the changing needs and quick and evolving pace of retail. The end result is developing mutually beneficial long term relationships to give the best service and attention to both our clients and our customers.

Julie’s Retail Roster acts as an advisor to our candidates and clients to set realistic expectations for both. We pride ourselves in knowing what is going on in the retail sector at all times and offering our services in a consultative way. We offer services that are very personal and differ according to the needs of the applicants and clients in order to find the best passive talent in the industry. We do not use any job boards at all for our searches. Accordingly, a significant source of our talent pool is the result of an active referral network which proves that we are perceived as the premier retail search firm in the industry.

Julie Stern is the founder and President of Julie Stern’s Retail Roster. She has been in retail her entire career. She studied fashion merchandising and business at University of Delaware and began her career in A & S’s retail buying training program where she held various positions in buying and planning and store line. She then went into marketing and buying for accessories in the gift industry for a while and then returned to her retail roots as a buyer at Stern’s. Julie decided to use her passion for retail and use it in a different way and went into executive search for retail in 1997. After approximately 7 years, she then started up a retail division for legal recruitment firm and successfully built it from scratch and ran it for 10 years. She decided to use all of her knowledge from being in retail herself to starting and running a retail firm for someone else to start her own firm and that is how Julie Stern’s Retail Roster began. She wanted to be able to provide her clients and applicants with the experience and expertise and passion she had. We are now building a team of successful attentive recruiters that all adhere to the same professionalism and high standards that were set by Julie in order to provide a seamless and successful relationship with our clients and applicants for mutually beneficial working relationship for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at all and to learn more about the firm.