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Retail can seem like a world unto itself, it is really a whole universe.

Our staff has a wealth of experience in all levels of retail work. Contact us (201) 802-0100.

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Retail Recruiters

Executive Recruiters

Retail Executive Recruiting  | Julie Stern's Retail Roster

Retail can seem like a world unto itself, but those of us who have worked in it know that it is really a whole...

Retail Recruiters  | Julie Stern's Retail Roster

Besides specializing in filling executive positions, we also understand that retail can require a huge number of...

Executive Recruiters  | Julie Stern's Retail Roster

Our specialty has always been for retail, and especially for executive positions. With the economy the way it...

Our specialty is retail executive recruiting. Contact us to ask about our rates (201) 802-0100!

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Finding the right person for a position can be a long and arduous task that even the most highly trained manager or human resources employee can have trouble doing. Just sorting through all of the resumes and job histories can feel like it takes forever, and in the end you’re always taking a risk to some degree. For those people who have many positions to fill, this can really seem like an uphill battle than can’t be won. It’s times like these that bringing in a recruiter can save your time and your sanity.

There are a huge number of recruiters out there making all kinds of promises about whom they can find for you. If your business is retail, you don’t need the same kind of experience and management that is required for other businesses. That’s why you want to go to a company who really understands the needs of the retail industry and can recruit the right person for each client. The best option anywhere in NYC, NY, as well as anywhere in the United States, is Julie Stern’s Retail Roster.

We have years of experience helping retailers and companies of all sizes fill positions ranging from mid level all the way through the highest executive spots. By specializing in retail, we can help you get the people with the right experience in both hard skills and soft skills rather than just presenting (not shoving) a stack of unqualified candidates or qualified candidates from a skillset but not a cultural fit. We have an extensive list of highly skilled people and our many years of experience have made us experts at pairing the right person with the right company.

We focus on filling corporate positions within the retail sector, we make sure to keep a variety of highly qualified professionals in our listings as well, so that any company looking to fill an executive position of any kind will find who they are looking for with us. We know that not everyone is in retail, and that keeping options open can be a great idea for all involved. Call now to let us go to work for you!